Applying design research methods to improve creative teams ability to collaborate


Session facilitators:
Dr. Emma Jefferies and Daniela Marzavan

The facilitators work with different organisations to implement design practices across a range of fields. In this process they have often found the management of creative teams focuses mainly on the delivering of outcomes, but forget to focus inward. This can lead to a lack of alignment on purpose and shared values needed to hold the team together. In addition, the facilitators feel more conversations are needed around enabling a creative environment of trust where people feel confident to try out new things and failure is seen as a way of learning.

During this unconference session Emma Jefferies and Daniela Marzavan will explore how to help creative teams improve collaboration through the same design research methods often used with clients. This will be achieved by:

• Exploring the importance of improving teams collaboration through dialogic communication and empathy.

• Prototyping how to improve team collaboration by using a design research method.

• Reflecting on the experience and shared learning.

The session aims to be relaxed and fun. Participants will leave with the tools to increase empathy and collaboration with the creative teams they work with.